The Beauty Key

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TAKE CARE OF MY LADIES : My fifty-cent Botox alternative 
is just one way women can …


Turn the clock back

5 years younger “in just 5 minutes a day … 
without even spending a penny on skin creams 
or Botox and without suffering from surgery!”

“I’ve spent more than 10 years researching every natural trick in this book that makes women like us look like we’re aging backwards … and I wrote this letter to share my discoveries with you today. .. “

Date: April 6, 2019

BY: Hanan, natural beauty consultant

SUBJECT: Why the key to your beauty is in your kitchen


Would you like to turn back the clock and make your face look 5 to 10 years younger in just a few minutes a day, without even having to leave the house?

Would you like to save money every month for these skin creams, expensive hair treatments and even the painful Botox procedures and get exactly the same benefits at a fraction of the cost?

Are you ready to spend only 5 minutes a day emphasizing your beauty … naturally, painless and almost effortless … with results that you can see instantly …

… and all for less than you spend today on your lunch?

If so, then the passion and devotion of my life will strengthen you, women of all ages, with the tips and natural techniques that will intensify and restore their youthful beauty, making you jump for joy …

Yes, natural beauty “secrets” really exist

When I started to get interested in intensifying my beauty-softening the fine lines that appeared on my face after a birth, restoring the youthful luster of my hair, and getting rid of cellulite-I knew I was hooking on something few women would ever discover …

And I vowed to share what I would discover with as many women as possible.

When I started looking for natural and affordable beauty enhancers for home and surgery, I was shocked to see how manipulative the beauty industry had become …

And how often she lied to the women, all just to sell supposed and ineffective miracle drugs and get rid of our hard-earned money.

I’m a positive person by nature, so you can imagine how hurt and deeply upset I was when I found out more about this multi-billion-dollar fraud – a scam that even the most intelligent women fell for and its detection I have dedicated my life.

Did you know that one of the lies cosmetics and skin care companies tell women is that there are no “natural beauty treatments”? “

It’s true. In fact, they spend millions of dollars every year convincing you that the only solution to younger-looking skin, silky, strong hair and less cellulite is surgeries, expensive creams that cost hundreds of dollars every month, or Botox …

… you know, those needles that many of us have tried?

Of course, it works – but I have something that works without the pain and expense … and gives you exactly the same result.

I’ll tell you more about it right now … but first I’d like to clarify something important. There are remarkable natural beauty solutions out there, but …

These unique beauty tips are really hard to find

Ladies, it took me years to uncover all the secrets that I would like to share with you today …

So please keep in mind that it is not your fault if you have never heard of some of these beauty products coming straight from your kitchen that you can apply to your face, hair, hips, stomach, etc. …

Remedies that help to slow down the external signs of aging …

To reduce the depth of fine lines and wrinkles, to restore supple, youthful skin on face, neck, breasts and body …

And that will give you back that super-silky, almost glowing hair that you had as a teenager …

And remember: I had an unfair advantage!

My name is Hanan and before I share these tips with you today, I have to make you a pretty embarrassing confession:

If I had listened to my mother, I would have saved a lot of time.

You know, my mother came from the Persian royal family. She is no longer with us today and not a day goes by that I would not miss her. But as a kid I thought like most kids, I’d know better.

My mother felt that she needed to get her beauty for political reasons, and she had a passion for making the most of my father’s life. She always wanted to share these “crazy brews” with me at home (you know, I was her “little princess”). I was not interested in it. After all, I would NEVER grow old!

Maybe you had that feeling as a child …

When I was in my early 20s, I ignored my mother’s advice out of sheer rebellion. I was trapped in Lebanese beauty and deliriousness … and the latest craze was expensive beautycreams from America and Europe.

I thought my mother was just “old-fashioned”. I thought I was younger, smarter and more up to date.

It took another fifteen years before I realized how wrong I was and how wise my mother’s beauty solutions really were. She never looked a day older than 35, even though she was fifteen years older when she died too early in a political assault.

Everything became crystal clear when I read my mother’s diary

A while after my mother’s death, she gave me her diary along with photos of her from all her life. I noticed how happy she looked and how radiant … how beautiful, even as the years went by …

It looked like she was born without the “wrinkle gene.”

Even with a touch of gray in her hair, she looked fifteen years younger than most other women of her age …

Of course my mother meant so much more to me than just her beauty. I would like to talk to you about this another time.

At the time I was going through a really stressful and painful phase … it was a time that made me age fast. My once-youthful skin was aging quickly, despite all the chic and expensive beauty treatments that all my friends and I were so excited about.

I spent hundreds of dollars every single month without seeing anything for my efforts. In fact, I had to face the sad truth:

I was aging faster than I ever dreamed …

But in my mother’s diary the solution was:

She had written ALL of her beauty treatments for the home so I could share them with my own family. What a treasure!

The answers were found for only a few cents in my kitchen

I was shocked to rediscover all her tips, secrets, and remedies … and even more shocked to discover that they had been passed down by the Persian royal family for over a thousand years!

Here I was, the know-it-all girl, who believed that modern beauty manufacturers knew more than my mother … but I had no idea that she used methods that were sacred to our culture …

Methods for improving every aspect of female beauty without relying on creams (most of which are full of toxins and chemicals that do far more harm than good) and before the words “plastic surgery” or “Botox” have ever been used were.

These were the secrets of actual REAL princesses, queens and royal families throughout the East and the Orient, and I simply could not believe I had ignored them all these years!

I vowed to make up for the stupidity of my childhood and devour every word, every tip, every secret that my mother had passed on to me …

And what surprised me most? Almost everything I needed to restore my beauty was a good two meters to my left … right in my kitchen.

You know, queens and princesses have only had natural means throughout history to intensify and maintain their youthful beauty …

And if you’ve seen one of their portraits or could see my mother’s family branch, you’d know for sure that they work almost like magic …

That’s why I decided to combine my mother’s secrets and dozens of my own in a little beauty “handbook” for women

After a few more years of studying, what REALLY makes women age more quickly than they should, and how to reduce cellulite and wrinkles in the quickest possible way, and some of the most powerful and all-natural I have decided to summarize all my discoveries into an easy-to-use beauty guide for women …

Beautiful with nutrition is the result and women from all over the world and all ages are raving about the results they see … and the money they save … and the pain they miss by using PROVEN beauty solutions that really work !

In Beautiful by nutrition you will discover …

  • My much sought-after “fifty-cent Botox alternative,” which takes about 7 minutes to prepare, costs less than 50 cents to make, and makes you look like you’ve just been to a Botox party (just without those red, blotchy spots and without the traces of pinholes!)
  • which foods you can superficially use (this is NOT a diet) that instantly improve the firmness and structure of your skin …
  • the oriental secret for shiny hair next to which every shampoo looks old …
  • the mix “Persian princess”, which I use for myself and my clients and gives the neck a fantastic younger look
  • Tips for younger-looking hands (ladies, you know how important hands are!)
  • How best to avoid future wrinkles and how to deal with those that you may already have
  • the few commercial items that I recommend (that’s not many) … and, ladies, these are not necessary (I just wanted to be thorough)
  • simple “add this food” tips to help you slow down the aging process … and no, this is not a diet (I personally do not enjoy dieting at all, but I love these delicious foods!)
  • the real reasons why we age faster than we should and what you can do about it, starting today …
  • And much, much more …

Why spend a fortune on time and money if you can get exactly the same results for just a few euros a month?

If you want, you can of course continue to use these expensive creams, shampoos, treatments etc. …

Or you choose to save a ton of money while watching visible, dramatic results in the comfort of your own home.

You may also choose to use these secrets simply to improve your current diet, but why spend a small fortune and pay for expensive, time-consuming beauty salon treatments or suffer from painful botox needles when not needed?

Even more good news: The “Beautiful by nutrition” instructions cost 
only 9,97 EUR … but why?

Apart from the thank you and the good wishes that I get every day from women of all ages, the feedback is number one:

“Hanan, why does beautiful food cost only 9.97 EUR?”

That is a legitimate question. After all, not everyone has access to thousand-year-old Oriental beauty secrets, so you might think that I should charge a lot more for the passion of my life …

But I do not … for a good reason.

You know, I’ve embarked on a mission to help as many women as I can. That’s why I’ve made sure that any woman who wants more beauty can easily afford to keep those secrets to herself. And I know that it is an act of goodwill if you trust me – and such acts pay off tenfold.

Besides, this is my “introductory price for the second edition” … it is lower than the price I am forced to sell (see below) ….

And I’ve signed a contract with an ethical publisher who agreed to make this book a digital one with “instant access” … so you can get it right away and not spend a dime on shipping or printing fees.

I know that if I can just show you these simple recipes for beauty at home, I will win a customer for life.


I am not the sole author of these beauty secrets

Much of what I want to share with you today comes from my mother’s journal … and more comes from my own hunt for every little thing that can help women to intensify and restore their beauty.

So see me as a fan of beauty . People call me a beauty expert, but that’s not really the truth.

The truth is that I was lucky. I got such a great gift and the rest was a lot of searches on the internet, trial and error, talking to countless women and experimenting with my own skin and my hair.

If you want, you can spend a hundred hours or so on Google and find out many of these secrets yourself. Of course, then you also have to endure the trial and error that I had to go through (there is a lot of misinformation out there). And you will have to spend a lot of your precious time.

The smarter decision would be to allow me to give you a proven all-in-one guide to beauty. You can literally just apply one of the tips tonight and notice a visible difference.

You save a lot of time, effort and energy … and you never have to think about it again. Within minutes you will have all the answers in your hands …

I can only sell a few copies for this price

My publisher has agreed to allow me – for the moment – to sell copies of Beautiful by Nutrition before considering the price once again. I’m not familiar with the “business” side of things, but I know that it costs you advertising, web hosting fees and more …

Therefore, he has set up the following table to explain why you must act now to secure your “introductory price for the second edition” of just € 9.97.

YES! Give me instant access

Basic rates:Current price
The first few copies …9,97 EUR
* only for a limited time
The next 1000 …27,00 EUR
After that…37,00 EUR

Price today: 47,00 EUR  37,00 EUR  27,00 EUR

Today only 9,97 EUR

Price information is exclusive of VAT for EU countries. Final price in Germany incl. 19% VAT: 11,86 Euro. The price depends on the respective VAT rate of the country from which it is paid. 

For orders from Switzerland there are no VAT.

What if I also guaranteed your results and satisfaction?

Few people would literally guarantee that simply by using their system you will achieve a noticeable improvement in your skin texture, the fading of fine lines and wrinkles, a tighter, more youthful-looking skin, glowing, silky hair, and more …

But I am not like most people – and I am 100% committed to your absolute satisfaction as well as your beauty …

So please be quite rest assured and remember that you have a full 60 days to try out Beautiful by Nutrition at my expense, with complete confidence in your small investment today. If, for some reason, you are not completely thrilled and amazed by the improvements in your skin and hair, and by the fact that you feel so much more beautiful day after day, just drop me an email for a prompt and stress-free refund.

One last word: a loving memory

I think I can really understand what you might feel right now:

You feel that time is passing …

On some days you could rip out trees, but on others you have the feeling that there is nothing to stop the aging-promoting damage that your lifestyle produces full of stress and responsibility …

Maybe you even feel that your “best days” are behind you …

And if you are just a bit like many of the women I’ve helped over the years, then you might even be afraid of losing your partner because of the time and age.

Would you please allow me to help you and show you a simple solution that really works? If you do that, these feelings will slowly fade, along with your fine lines …

But please accept the fact that you simply have to act to allow me to prove it to you.

And the costs can really add up if you do not act:

You can continue to spend your hard-earned money on expensive “solutions,” which is no less than … hundreds, even thousands of euros every year …

Or thousands, even tens of thousands, of surgical procedures … procedures that cause you terrible pain and put you at grave risk of more serious complications …

You can keep looking as time goes on … and you’ll spend a lot more money on a modern doctor’s new “breakthrough” … to see only marginal results, if any …

Or you can choose to trust me and allow me to prove to you what a thousand years of natural beauty solutions have proven to kings and queens over time …

Simple remedies and formulas that produce food and nutrients directly in your own kitchen …

Proven remedies that are guaranteed to work for you.

Accept my invitation today, along with my reduced introductory price for the second edition of just € 9.97, and I’ll give you instant and hassle-free access to Beautiful by Diet.

And not only that, I also give you the secrets that the most beautiful women have used over the centuries.

That is what I wish for you: that you will become the queen of your life and rule with more splendor and beauty than you ever thought possible.

The most beautiful YOU ever!

natural beauty consultant


PS The most beautiful women in the history of the world have used many of these secrets. They have become icons of beauty and youthful charm long before drugs, creams or surgical procedures were even invented.

I invite you to become one of them today …

Do you have any questions?

If you are still reading this letter, it means that you are dealing with a certain amount of skepticism, or maybe you have some questions about beauty through nutrition …

So I’m here to dispel any doubts and answer the most frequently asked questions before ordering today …

“Hanan, is beautiful through diet a diet?”

Many women assume that diet is always about dieting. This is not a diet, but rather a way to use common foods in certain combinations that you superficially apply to your skin.

I give healthy eating tips, but I love food too much to recommend an overly strict diet plan. In addition, most of them are unhealthy and some diets are so low in fat that they actually increase wrinkles! That’s the last thing we want, right?

“Hanan, how much money can I save if I use your” beauty guide “?”

A whole lot! Some women report that they have saved over a thousand euros a month while others say they have canceled this cream and this beauty aid and saved 90 EUR or more each month.

One thing is for sure: for only 9.97 EUR and with the help of mostly low-priced foods and nutrients / herbs in our formulas, Beautiful by Diet is by far the least expensive beauty solution in the world.

“Hanan, what if I just do not see the results everyone else sees?”

“Then you would definitely belong to the minority … but no sum is worth risking your satisfaction and lightheartedness. That’s why I’ve brought my 60-day beauty guarantee, otherwise … guarantee to make sure you’re totally happy, satisfied, and amazed by the results you see. If for any reason this should not be the case, just drop me an email on the support mail in the members area for an immediate refund with no questions. “

“Hanan, can I still use my favorite product (cream / soap / shampoo / treatment) with your system?”

You absolutely can! But you may find that you no longer need it. But if you feel better with that, then I support it.

“Hanan, how long will it be before I see results?”

That will be the case almost immediately. Some of the plans (including my famous fifty-cent Botox alternative, which is worth a lot more in savings than the cost of my entire solution) take just minutes to deliver immediate results.

Other formulas take a few minutes a day and 10-14 days to see full results.

And now let us start directly – on the way to the most beautiful YOU ever!